A quarter cup of fresh parsley
2 cups and a half of beans without peel
¼ cup cilantro and dillEight cloves of garlic
Eight cloves of garlic
Teaspoon dried coriander
Medium onion chopped
A quarter of a small spoon chili
Quarter teaspoon ground cumin
Large tablespoon water
½ teaspoon soda carbonate
Spoon a quarter of BharatSalt
Oil for frying
Sesame for garnish

Method of preparation

Wash beans and soak for 8 hours, taking into account changing the water every now and then Wash beans well and drain water
Mix all vegetables with beans Chop content in the meat grinder, to become soft
Dissolve the mixture with Carbonate soda in water, then add the spices and mix well
Put the oil in a skillet over medium heat until it reaches a temperature to 350 ° F
Form the mixture into small diameter 3-centimeter discs, add some sesame for decoration, and fry in hot oil for 5 minutes, or until cookedServe falafel alone or in sandwiches with tahini.

Serve falafel alone or in sandwiches with tahini.
You may be doing falafel stuffed with cheese or a mixture of hard-boiled eggs and spices , or small pieces of meat