Hall 1


Visitors will start the pavilion with experiencing the Augmented Reality in Hall 1 where they will find 4 large graphic panels illustrating the 4 main eras that Egypt passed through and had its impact on its identity till this day. The graphic panels will show you examples of foods that were available in Egypt during the Pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Coptic, Islamic eras.

Using AR technology, they will receive a tablet upon their entry to Hall 1. Using these tablets and pointing its camera to the illustration they will be fascinated by watching the appearance of a great Egyptian character (ISIS), explaining a lot about Egypt’s history through food.

FILM:“Food, Rhythm of Life”


Moving to the next part of the pavilion, a great film will take you to a journey through Egypt and allow an exquisite experience of seeing the great sceneries of Egypt.

Curtains screen


A time travelling experience that will take you through time will take place
after you pass through the curtains; where a distinctive phase will start and keep you mesmerized.