Egypt Pavalion

The Egyptian Pavilion is located in the Bio-Mediterranean area. The concept of this Cluster is based upon the Mediterranean cuisine and the way of life associated with this area; focusing on: participation and integration.

The atmosphere in this Cluster aims to recreate the colors, tastes and aromas that are typical to the Mediterranean cultures under the message of “Health, Beauty and Harmony…” 

The central theme of this Cluster is visual storytelling of the Mediterranean foods and styles. The three sub-categories of this story are pictures, literature and cinematographic history of the Mediterranean. 

The country’s unique location, climate, natural resources and above all its people were the inspirations for the Egypt’s pavilion’s concept at the World Expo 2015.

Those factors shaped Egypt's, the worlds’ culinary and food experience in the past, and will remain as one of the determining factors in Egypt's engagement with the present and future of the global food experience.  

Egypt's location at the crossroads of ancient and modern civilizations shaped its unique identity; an identity that embraces the world but is also inspired by its dynamic, creative being, continuously reinventing itself in its own traditional methods. 

Through interactive visual-storytelling, visitors will experience illustratively the history of food in Egypt - with creative, social, and technological dimensions – through taking different shapes and creating new culinary and social experiences that has its reflections recognized across the world.

It is a journey through the colors, music, poetry, folklore and architecture of Egypt, tracing the stories of food, ingredients, recipes as well as technological and social innovations.

The aim is to provide visitors with a unique experience that creates an image of Egypt as a country proud of its role in shaping the global food experience and culture, as well as illustrating how Egypt's unique location and historical role continues to provide the foundation of its future vision as an influential player in shaping the world's food dynamics and culture.